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Fedex Ground Home Delivery is a service of Fedex Ground (used to be RPS)  for US residential deliveries. This service is currently available to nearly all of the continental  USA, and we use this service by default wherever it is available and Ground shipment is requested.Fedex Home Delivery basically duplicates what regular UPS Ground services do, but with the following advantages for package recipients (consignees):

1.They will deliver on Saturdays at no extra charge.

2.You can request deliveries at a specific time, including as late as 8PM, and on Saturdays. This is a big advantage for people who have problems receiving packages during times (like daytime when you're at work) that UPS normally likes to make deliveries.

3.To distant points (in our case, most of the west coast) Fedex Home Delivery is generally about a day quicker than UPS Ground.

4.The single-day (overnight) Fedex Ground delivery area from Chicago is about 50% larger than UPS, and includes nearly all of Illinois & Indiana, plus substantial portions of Wisconsin (generally as far as LaCrosse & Oshkosh) lower Michigan, eastern Iowa and eastern Missouri.

If you order online, and are having your package shipped to a residential address, and receive a Notice Of Shipment that indicates your package was shipped by Fedex Ground, you can call Fedex (1-800-GO-FEDEX) and request a specific delivery time (give or take an hour or two). If you are positive (eg: you've received packages from us previously by Fedex Ground) you can receive packages by Fedex Home Delivery, you can email us with your specific date/time delivery request and we can enter this information at the time your order is shipped.

3.Fedex Ground picks up from us about 3 hours later than UPS. Thus, if Fedex Ground is available to your location, it's much more likely that your package will be shipped the same day you order.

Fedex Ground also delivers to many places in Canada and Mexico, but due to governmental regulations in those countries, there's a fairly substantial Customs/Douane/Aduana clearance charge (something like Cdn$25 or MP200) on these shipments, unless you are a commercial/business recipient with a Fedex account and your own customs broker, this makes small packages pretty expensive to ship by this method to Canada or Mexico.

For more info on Fedex Home Delivery services, please see this web page: